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Beautyrest Recharge St. Chapelle Luxury Firm Pillow Top


The Beautyrest Recharge St. Chapelle Luxury Firm Pillow Top is an innerspring mattress with a fairly neutral comfort level. It gives the feeling of strong, sturdy support with added cushioning. This is an excellent choice for sleepers who enjoy a mattress that feels firm, but not hard.

The St. Chapelle is equipped with multiple layers of high quality comfort materials that are designed to enhance comfort while promoting a healthy sleeping posture. One of the most notable comfort materials in the St. Chapelle is Gel Touch, which combines high quality poly foam with gel to enhance the durability and pressure relieving capabilities of the mattress. By reducing pressure, Gel Touch makes it easier to enjoy hours of uninterrupted sleep. Another notable comfort material in the St. Chapelle is AirCool Memory Foam, which is more responsive and resilient than traditional memory foam, preventing the sinking “quicksand” feeling that many sleepers associate with memory foam. AirCool Memory Foam has an open cell structure, which allows air to pass through the foam to help maintain regular body temperature throughout the night. Every comfort material in this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, which means they meet or exceed the highest standards in the bedding industry. Support in the St. Chapelle comes from the Beautyrest Super Pocketed Coil System, which conforms to the body better than traditional systems and reduces motion transfer as well. This is an especially valuable feature for light sleepers, as they won’t feel the movements of their partners during the night. The St. Chapelle also includes the Ventilated AirCool BeautyEdge, which is a foam encasement that ensures uniform comfort and support across the entire surface of the mattress.

The Beautyrest Recharge St. Chapelle Luxury Firm Pillow Top mattress is a great choice for someone looking for a supportive, but not hard, comfort with some of the industry’s best materials. It comes back by a 20-year warranty, so you can count on enjoying deep, comfortable sleep for years to come.


  1. I’m having lower back problems that I think are attributed to the mattress I’m on now. It’s a Kingsdown (not soft/not firm) pillow top from about 9 years ago. Would this be a better option for me?

    • Hi, and thank you for your question. The coil system in this mattress is very supportive, and the comfort level is fairly neutral, so it will provide a good blend of comfort and support. The fact that your current mattress is 9 years old is probably the main reason why your back hurts. It’s likely that the comfort materials have worn considerably, and your back isn’t getting the right amount of support. You should notice a difference after sleeping on this mattress for a few weeks.

  2. Hi. Is this a better choice than Cedar Forest? If yes then what’s the main difference.


    • Hello,

      The Cedar Forest is a bit softer than the St. Chapelle Luxury Firm, and that’s the main difference. Unless you prefer a soft level of comfort, you might prefer the St. Chapelle more, since it has a more neutral level of comfort.

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