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Simmons Beautyrest Classic Pimmit Hills


The Simmons Beautyrest Classic Pimmit Hills is a great mattress for just about anyone, and you can count on it retaining its comfort for about ten years. It’s an entry level model in the Beautyrest line, but that doesn’t mean that it has low quality. It has an individually pocketed coil system that gives gentle and secure back support and enables top notch motion transfer, which is great for light sleepers who share a bed.

The plush euro top model provides soft pressure relief while remaining firm enough to feel supportive. Back, side, and stomach sleepers will enjoy the feeling it provides. This is a great compromise mattress choice if you and your partner have differing comfort preferences.

The plush firm euro top model has a medium firmness, and it’s ideal for back and stomach sleepers who enjoy a mattress that’s firm, but not hard. It has a solid underlying support, and the euro top gives it added softness for comfort. Side sleepers should avoid this model and choose one with more padding.

The firm model delivers on the features that sleepers who enjoy a firm mattress expect. It is ideal for back and stomach sleepers who appreciate a stiff mattress with little give. It’s not the hardest mattress on the market, but it’s firm enough to feel secure and supported throughout the night.

If you’re looking for an affordable mattress that’s durable and will retain it’s comfort for a number of years, then you’ll enjoy spending your nights on a Simmons Beautyrest Classic Pimmit Hills mattress.

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